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It’s a simple idea. Combine the power of a static site generator, such as Gatsby.js (used to create this site), with a Content Management System that harnesses the maturity of GIT for data storage and the power of CI / CD suites for automatic publish of changes. succeeds in full!

I decided to try it by hooking it to Gatsby.js to generate content in a simpler and more intuitive way.

These are the first impressions

  • Ability to import frontmatter fields from posts and pages already used in gatsby (in the other static site generators it should be similar, even if I haven’t tried them)
  • Visual editor (based on Markdown)
  • Possibility of automatic preview by correctly setting the build.instant_preview_command parameter in the Forestry configuration settings.yaml.
  • Content editing and immediate versioning of the changes made
  • Switching from static content generator to (automatic or semi-automatic) content management system Interface

Needless to say, is a tool that elevates an SSG with which to manage a static site purely as a developer (JS, React, css-in-js), into a powerful content editing tool.

Thinking of supplanting powerful CMS like Wordpress is unfortunately (sigh-sob) almost impossible at the moment: ease of use, almost infinite availability of plugins and templates tend to make you think only of classic CMS. But beware, these tools are evolving and giving more opportunities to developers and content creators.

I will continue to experience it. Waiting for evolutions!

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